20% World population lack access to safe and clean drinking water

15m children are dying annually due to water-related diseases

700m people worldwide could be experienced with intense water stress by 2020

2.3b people are living without access to proper sanitation


0% Water wastage- our AWGs don’t need any water source to generate drinking water.

Get UpTo 1000 Litres of pure & remineralised drinking water every day regardless of weather conditions.

Works at 30% Low humidity levels, and even in most arid environments.

100% Ensures the Safest & Purest Water Quality by meeting the highest quality standards.

How it Works?

Presenting Aryav, Air to Water Generator. Believe this. AWG creates water from the air around us.

AWG filters the air condenses it to water, which then passes an Ozone generator & carbon filter to provide clean, ready to drink water at less than Rs 2 a litre.

You don’t need an RO, Air Purifier or a dehumidifier. Use AWG at home, offices, or in public places. AWG can serve from 5 to 5000 people. Alkaline value of 7.5 and the presence of antioxidants and minerals, means this water is healthy for consumption.

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Serving water with high Alkaline value.

Wide Range

Range from 30LPD to 10000 LPD. Means we can serve the community from 5 people to 5000 people

Technological Advancement

For higher capacities i.e from 100LPD, one can monitor the water generation and consumption online via IOT / AI


We are using 7 to 12 stages of filtrations based on the machine capacity

Integrate with Other Sources

We have an expertise in Solar hence no difficulty to integrate it with Solar or wind also

Low Operating Costs

Our Machines required low power consumptions

Global Presence

Mr. Kapoor, our partner is based in UAE and we already  appointed our channel partners in Dubai and in Kenya


In India, we have a wide network and we already discussed with various consultants in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Kolkata to work on drinking water project.

Experienced and Passionate

Who we serve


AWG from 30LPD to 60LPD comes this segment


Range from 60LPD to 250LPD comes in this segment like Panchyats , NGO’s , Grants Projects, Offices , Defense, Marine etc

Commercials / Community

Range from 250LPD to 1000 LPD , which goes to Malls, Commercial offices, IT Parks , Hospitals, Government Buildings, Railways/ Trust


Industries will take from 500LPD to 10,000 LPD

Benefits of AWG

Our products serve 5 to 5000 people

Improved Health


Water from AWG is full of minerals and alkaline water, No acidic water like in other sources

No Infrastructure


No plumbing is required. Plug and play

No Dependency


Independent from Monsoons, Groundwater etc



Can serve the community from 5 to 5000 people

Air Purifier


AWG also acts as Air Purifier and Dehumidifer

No Input Water


No input water is required  like in RO.

No Water Wastage


No Water Wastage as water is generated from Air only

Water from Air


Access of Clean, safe and pure form of drinking  water with a purity level of 99.9%

Economy Boost


Employment Generation will boost the economy

Low operation cost


Rs.2 per Ltr will be cost of water




Our products can be used at home, in offices, or for areas of large footfall.

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