AWG Advantages
Presenting Aryav, Air to Water Generator. Believe this.
AWG creates water from the air around us.
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The Problems

Access of Drinking Water

Globally 1.1 billion people don’t have any access of drinking water

Water Related Diseases

Every 90 sec, a child dies because of water related diseases.

Clean Drinking Water

9 out of 10 don’t have an access of Clean drinking water.

Sanitation Issues

Without access to clean water, there is no way to clean food, dishes or people.

Analysis Report

Physical Description: Water is clear without any sediments, suspended particles & extraneous matter

The Solution

Atmospheric Water Generator ( AWG )


AWG is  a machine that extract water from humid ambient air. Water vapour in the air can be extracted by condensation

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The 4 Step Filtration Process


The Aryav Ecofriendly Resources features a specially formulated filtration process, ensuring that the water you drink is completely pure and safe to consume.

Air Filter

  • Anti-Static Air Filter
  • Micro Dust Form Filtration

Tasks Performed

  • Removes anti scalene from air
  • Removes dust particles from air

Tasks Performed

  • Removes external particles
  • Removes external particles

Water Dust Filter

  • Collection Tank Filter
  • Tank Input Filter

Water Filter

  • Pre Carbon Filter Sediment
  • Filter RO
  • Membrane TCR

Tasks Performed

Removes colour, odour, bad smell from water Removes all physical water impurities upto 5 micron. Removes all dissolved salts or organic molecules (the solutes) upto 90 to 95%. Membrane pure size is 0.0001 micron Specially made from coconut shell carbon. Removes chlorine taste, odour reduction and changes the water taste

Tasks Performed

It is a very strong oxidant and is over 3,000 times more. Powerful disinfectant than chlorine. 3741 times more. Powerful disinfectant as compared to UV. It disinfects, oxideizes, deodorizes, leaves better tasting water. Destroys all types of microorganisms instantly

Ozone Generator

    • Ozone Filter


Wide Range

Range from 30LPD to 10000 LPD. Means we can serve the community from 5 people to 5000 people

Technological Advancement

For higher capacities i.e from 100LPD, one can monitor the water generation and consumption online via IOT / AI

Low Operating Costs

Our Machines required low power consumptions

Global Presence

Mr. Kapoor, our partner is based in UAE and we already  appointed our channel partners in Dubai and in Kenya


We are using 7 to 12 stages of filtrations based on the machine capacity

Integrate with Other Sources

We have an expertise in Solar hence no difficulty to integrate it with Solar or wind also


In India, we have a wide network and we already discussed with various consultants in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Kolkata to work on drinking water project. Already tied up with various CA’s in various cities to find out the Grant/ Projects

Experienced and Passionate

Competitor Analysis ( Product wise  with RO)



The competition of AWG is mainly with RO Water, although both are not comparable and are not in same category

Input Water is Required in RO

Water Wastage is there in RO

Installation Cost is required in RO

Not easily transportable in RO

Cost of Water generation is low in RO

RO is Easily available in market



There are certain indirect advantages of AWG over RO, which are very good for individuals health.

AWG water is highly pure, alkaline and mineral rich

AWG water also act as air purifier

AWG also act as dehumidifier

AWG is plug and Play system

AWG doesn’t require any infrastructure compared to RO

AWG need humidity or minimum environment to operate