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Aryav AWG

Presenting Aryav, Air to Water Generator. Believe this. AWG creates water from the air around us.

AWG filters the air condenses it to water, which then passes an Ozone generator & carbon filter to provide clean, ready to drink water at less than Rs 2 a litre.

About Aryav Ecofriendly Resources

An Indian Company having an experience of more than a decade in environmental innovative products. This company is into the business of Solar Power Plant, Solar Water Heating System and also into waste management where we are converting waste Tyre into Pyrolysis Oil. We are also coming up with one of the most Innovative Product i.e Atmospheric Water Generator, where it will convert Air into Water.

Many Areas are water challenged today, yet there is enough water in the air to quench our thirst, if only we know how to tap this source. We have the solution, technology and techniques which are commercially viable and applicable in varied scenario and setting around the world.

From atmospheric water harvesters, desalination of sea water , compact RO to thermo ionic flow have presented to us newer applications of getting pure drinking water at low environmental impact. Our Product extracts pure, safe drinking water straight from the air. Our atmospheric water generators (AWGs) are perfect for water stressed or water contaminated areas. They provide a decentralized, local source of clean potable water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. All they require is electricity or an alternate source of power to extract, condense, purify and dispense crystal – clear fresh drinking water.

You don’t need an RO, Air Purifier or a dehumidifier. Use AWG at home, offices, or in public places. AWG can serve from 5 to 5000 people. Alkaline value of 7.5 and the presence of antioxidants and minerals, means this water is healthy for consumption.

Our Team

Sanjay Kumar Garg

IIT Alumni, very passionate, visionary and hard working, technically sound and looking after Sales and Handling OEM

Bharat Bhushan Kapoor

Very good Liasioning , self motivator settled in UAE to look after International marketing and Channel Partners

Natwar Dhuwalia

Great leader, multi tasking and great critic and good in Finance

Our products can be used at home,

in offices, or for areas of large footfall.

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